ADIF Standard Notes And Issues

LogConv was built to support the ADIF standard v2.04. The standard is extensible, meaning that it allows for additions to be included by software vendors without breaking compatibility with other products. This document highlights what additions LogConv has added. Also note that the ADIF standard is a work in progress, and so some aspects of the standard are either not complete or unclear. We also include some discussion of LogConv's implementation in light of these uncertainties.

Per ADIF standards, fields introduced by LogConv that are not named in the standard are prefaced with "app_logconv".

Field: app_logconv_arci_num
Notes: Contacted station's ARCI Number. Among other things, used as a contest exchange in the ARCI contest.

Field: app_logconv_category
Notes: Category. Used as a contest exchange in Field Day and Sweepstakes.

Field: app_logconv_category_assisted
Notes: Corresponds to the CATEGORY-ASSISTED field in Cabrillo files.

Field: app_logconv_category_band
Notes: Corresponds to the CATEGORY-BAND field in Cabrillo files.

Field: app_logconv_category_mode
Notes: Corresponds to the CATEGORY-MODE field in Cabrillo files.

Field: app_logconv_category_operator
Notes: Corresponds to the CATEGORY-OPERATOR field in Cabrillo files.

Field: app_logconv_category_overlay
Notes: Corresponds to the CATEGORY-OVERLAY field in Cabrillo files.

Field: app_logconv_category_power
Notes: Corresponds to the CATEGORY-POWER field in Cabrillo files.

Field: app_logconv_category_station
Notes: Corresponds to the CATEGORY-STATION field in Cabrillo files.

Field: app_logconv_category_time
Notes: Corresponds to the CATEGORY-TIME field in Cabrillo files.

Field: app_logconv_category_transmitter
Notes: Corresponds to the CATEGORY-TRANSMITTER field in Cabrillo files.

Field: app_logconv_check
Notes: Check. Used as a contest exchange in Sweepstakes.

Field: app_logconv_city
Notes: City. The ADIF spec seems to have overlooked the contacted station's city.

Field: app_logconv_prec
Notes: Precedence. Used as a contest exchange in Sweepstakes.

Field: app_logconv_tx_count
Notes: Transmitter count. Used as a contest exchange in Field Day.

Field: app_logconv_year
Notes: A field that will appear in file headers only. For contest-related logs it will include the year in which the contest effort took place, similar to information that appeared on log entry forms of the past.

Field: cnty
Notes: County. Generally defined as an enumeration of the political subdivision beneath a State (see below). The formatting is supposed to be of the form "State,County". The ADIF standard does not define what that enumeration is. For now, LogConv treats this field as a string.

Field: contest_id
Notes: The contest ID field is defined in the ADIF spec as an enumeration. Many different programs all use different values to represent the same contest. The values chosen by LogConv can be determined from the "Abbrev." field of the file/contest support matrix file.

Field: srx
Notes: Serial Number Received. Some logging programs use this field to contain any information exchanged in a contest, even non-numeric data. This can cause LogConv to fail to convert the file. Use the "-srx" option to copy the contents to the srx_string field, which the standard set aside for generic contest exchange data.